Nine Reasons We Wish Buddy Holly the Happiest of Birthdays

09/07/2012 12:35 PM |

9. Bob Dylan’s acceptance speech for his 1998 “Album of the Year” Grammy for Time Out of Mind
It was unusually heartwarming for the often curt Dylan. He gave special thanks to Buddy Holly and for a moment we were allowed a glimpse of the young Dylan, the awkward 16-year-old, practically the only Jew in Minnesota, who once stood three feet from Buddy Holly at a concert in Duluth and who swears Buddy looked at him. It’s what fanboys and -girls like myself (and all of my coworkers and friends) live for: when we can believe for a moment that our heroes are maybe as nerdy as we are. [I do not live for this—Ed.] Because I do this at every concert I go to (I swear, Ty Segall really did look at me at The Troubadour last March), I’ll love Bob Dylan forever, even though he straightened his hair and sang songs about Santa.