Nine Reasons We Wish Buddy Holly the Happiest of Birthdays

09/07/2012 12:35 PM |

8. Quantum Leap, “How the Tess Was Won”
In the first season of this canonical television series, Sam Beckett (played by the Scott Bakula) travels back to small Texas town in 1956 where he must protect the integrity of time by convincing a then-unknown 19-year-old Buddy Holly to change his lyrics from “piggy souie” to “Peggy Sue.” Despite the historical inaccuracies of the episode (Buddy already had a recording contract and was working in Nashville by 1956), “How The Tess Was Won” honors Holly by arguing that without him the modern world as we know it was doomed. Whether or not you agree with this theory, we can be sure that without Buddy Holly there would at least have been one fewer episodes of Quantum Leap. Anything that gives Scott Bakula more screen time is fine by me.