The Club Can’t Even Handle Al Roker, Says Al Roker

09/11/2012 1:10 PM |


Al Roker is nothing if not accommodating, and listen, calm down! He has heard your clamoring demands for his super-exclusive daily pump-up playlist, and he has acquiesced. Oh, has he ever.

He even posted it for posterity this morning on the TODAY Show blog! So, what can we learn from this historic document?

Unfortunately, nothing that crazy. While I always like to imagine friendly public figures like Al as secretly violent, whore-mongering, drug-addled monsters, his song choices decisively indicate that this isn’t the case. No, America’s most beloved morning news anchor has the tastes of a 12-year-old girl, which I more or less mean in the nicest way possible. Strangely enough, he also seems to really like artists who have recently performed on the TODAY show.

What a crazy coincidence! I guess he really has found the perfect job for himself.

Anyway, even if you don’t necessarily need to be tipped off to the existence of “Call Me Maybe,” you do need to know that Al kicks off his days with the theme from The A-Team (“One of the greatest TV themes ever written,” he says), and favors “Club Can’t Handle Me” right before going in front of the cameras.

So, if you always pictured him psyching up in the mirror then bursting out of his dressing room to an eponymous club jam before each taping, hats off! You know your Roker.

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