WHY?’s 5 Favorite Things Right Now

09/12/2012 3:38 PM |


WHY?‘s new album Mumps, Etc. follows in stride with the Midwest-bred band’s signature sound, but when your back catalogue is built on anomalies and not rules, that doesn’t offer much in way of tidy descriptions. There’s frontman Yoni Wolf, though, who continues to twist words so they teeter between jokes and uncomfortably intimate confessions, rhythmically rising and falling to recall hip-hop (more so than on 2009’s Eskimo Snow), while still dipping into more traditional folk infrastructures to keep things slightly off balance.

Gearing up for its October 9 release, they’re set to play Music Hall of Williamsburg tomorrow. You’ll want to grab tickets here to witness the wonderful oddity of their live show. And because this is the feature in which we check in with bands as they make their way to NYC and ask what five things are helping them cope with life on tour, you’ll want to check out Wolf’s five picks after the jump.