Co-Creator of Park Slope Lesbian Satire Developing New Show

10/16/2012 12:00 PM |


Ingrid Jungermann, cocreator of The Slope, a popular webseries about “superficial, homophobic lesbians” in Park Slope, is developing a new show, F to 7th, which will feature celebrity guest stars like Michael Showalter, while her former collaborator Desiree Akhavan is at work on a film adaptation of the original series. “Same neighborhood,” goes the tagline. “Different gay.” We spoke by email to Jungermann, who’s trying to raise money on Kickstarter, about which subway lines are gross, how she knows Showalter, and about the “better-looking, more interesting version” of herself.

Do you still live in Park Slope?

How long have you lived there?
I’ve lived here for three years. In Brooklyn for seven and a half. Cobble Hill, Prospect Heights, Kensington for one week because I moved in with a gal who wanted to break up four days after we moved in together. That was awesome. Before Brooklyn, it was North Carolina and before that Florida, where I was born and raised Jehovah’s Witness and handed out Watchtowers door-to-door.

How will the new show be different from the old one?
Same neighborhood, same issues, except it’s my take instead of my half-of-the-take in a relationship. I’m not dealing with girlfriend issues in this; it’s more about my own phobias and idiosyncrasies in response to my friends, family and the stereotypical Park Slope crowd.

Is the show autobiographical? Are you going through “stupid middle age”?
It’s the better-looking, more interesting version of me. I guess I’m embarking on middle age, which I’m finding is very strange for a gay lady. Trans people are way cooler and Park Slope Parents don’t care, so non-married, non-babied lesbians are just sort of floating in the middle of what’s hot and what’s boring. That’s why I think I might come out as Intersex because it’s not cool, but it’s also not boring.