Suing for Sex Tapes: How Does Hulk Hogan’s $100 Million Suit Compare to Other Sex Tape Lawsuits?

10/16/2012 2:30 PM |


So as I’m sure you’re aware, Hulk Hogan is suing Gawker Media for $100 million in damages after they leaked his sex tape. $100 million! Surely that is more than every acting paycheck he has ever received combined! How lucky for him that he decided to have sex with a married lady in her house.

But how does that big number stack up against historic sex tape lawsuits? Let’s see.

$70 million, Fred Durst, 2005.
“It was stored in Durst’s home computer, but hackers managed to break into the computer remotely and make a copy, according to the lawsuit.” Hackers!

$30 million, Paris Hilton, 2004.
As everyone knows, she later settled for part of the profits.

$20 million, Verne Troyer, 2007.
Troyer claims the tape was stolen and leaked to TMZ. $20 million were the estimated profits (!) and he wanted them all.

$10 million, J.Lo, 2009

“Jennifer’s lawsuit filed Friday states that her former husband Ojani Noa has been trying to sell to film industry players a movie with footage of J.Lo and Ojani in sexual situations.” Oh, Ojani. Poor thing.

$5 million, Kim Kardashian, 2007.
Granted she’s made a lot more than that off it, considering this story refers to her as “Ray J’s ex”.

$160,000 (£100,000) Tulisa Contostavlos, a lady from British X-Factor, 2012.

“‘She’s suing for up to 100,000 pounds. This latest move by Tulisa has really unnerved and unsettled him,’ a source said.” Things must be different over there, litigiousness-wise, if $160,000 is unsettling.

$0, just wants the tape back, Rielle Hunter (aka John Edwards’s mistress), 2011.

Probably best for her not to push things.

So it looks like Hulk is really swinging for the fences on this one. Good luck with that one, Terry Gene.