The 20 Best Goth Songs of the Last 20 Years

10/31/2012 1:29 PM |

16. Cold Cave – “The Great Pan is Dead” (2011)

Wes Eisold cuts a dark, romantic figure comparable to the scene’s classic frontman, though his first record sounded much more like the brittle minimalists on its more electronic edges. But on last year’s Cherish the Light Years, he puffed himself outward, like a wounded animal bluffing strength it can’t quite back up.

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  • Why no Siouxsie and the Banshees? Spellbound blows most of these songs out of the water. If it were not for Siouxsie’s template and inspiration half these songs listed wouldn’t exist at all!

  • Post 1992, man. Not that into S & tB’s “The Rapture” from ’95.

  • I typically just ignore lists like these, but this is pretty terrible. A glaring omission is that Type O Negative isn’t on here at all. Not sure what your parameters of ‘goth’ music are, but this list was quite a poor representation. Maybe it was the darkest songs in your music collection? Didn’t even have to dig that deep.

  • Best “goth inspired” songs of the last 20 years may be a more apt title for your list.

  • SERAFINI – mirabel project

    Twisting hour-long psych audio art w visuals by goth dual SERAFINI.

    Best to save until you can spend the time to listen to the whole project.


  • Why doesn’t this list include a single fucking goth song?

    I love me some trip hop, folk and industrial rock, too.

    But not even one–not ONE–goth-rock song appears on this list.

  • That’s a pretty terrible list in my opinion. The only mention on there that I like is Portishead. No Dead Can Dance, no Lisa Gerrard, no Love Spirals Downwards, no Theatre of Tragedy, no 3rd and the Mortal, no Siouxie, no Dark Sanctuary. Let’s not forget to mention without 3rd and the Mortal there would be no such thing as Goth Rock or Metal. Without Dead Can Dance and Lisa we would not have the Gothic ethereal and darkwave and trip-hop bands. They were pioneering. Men did not pioneer the Goth scene as this list seems to think, it were women. I have NO idea why Nine Inch Nails are on there. Seeing as how they are the most overrated band of all time who get a lot more credit than they deserve. People seem to think they are Goth when they are the furthest thing from it. Trent Reznor is not some high power in the Goth scene. He is no where close. And Crystal Castles? Are you serious?

  • where’s the cure and no metal bands Danzig is not goth. where arethe pionners of goth metal Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride

  • So off it’s not even funny…

    wow, a fax machine song? are you freaking kidding me? this is the most terrible list I’ve ever seen!

    most of these are not even Goth, Either the writer was told by his boss to quickly google search some songs for this list and the writer had no idea what Goth is,
    Or the writer got confused and thought goth meant Hipster. Either way this list is atrocious

  • Worst. List. Ever.