This is The Best Restaurant in Brooklyn

10/24/2012 4:00 AM |

We here at The L Magazine are nothing if not committed to the exhaustive pursuit of accurate research and reportage, particularly when it manifests as an opportunity to eat as much food as this buttery, succulent borough has to offer. So, after an intensive process of elimination (staff meetings involving beer) and a thorough on-the-ground survey (a Facebook poll of our beloved readers, along with some old-fashioned snail email responses), we finally did it. We determined, hands down, without any shadow of a doubt, the very best restaurant in all of Brooklyn. And it’s Roman’s!

The competition for this one was stiff — Roberta’s, Marlow & Sons, Vinegar Hill House, and Talde were all on the ballot — but in the end, this Italian branch of owner Andrew Tarlow’s growing restaurant empire won out. And yes, it’s safe to assume the man behind Marlow & Sons, Diner, and Reynard probably knows what he’s doing when it comes to creating wildly popular food. But three years into its cozy life in Ft. Greene, Roman’s is also thriving  – they recently expanded to serve from lunch straight through dinner on weekends – thanks to an avid rotation of neighborhood regulars, chef Dave Gould’s fluid, intuitive approach to menu creation, and the entire staff’s lovingly obsessive attention to detail.

All photos Rory Gunderson

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  • NOT even close to the best…. va Beh’ @ 446 Dean St @ Fifth Ave is the best!!!

  • This place is good but the best in Brooklyn I laugh directly at you. You are so way off it’s humorous. Just across the street at ICI you will get a far better dinner. Roman’s is very good but doesn’t even come close to being the best restaurant in Brooklyn. How about this stay in Manhattan and leave us alone. Bar Corvo in Prospect Heights is a far better restaurant. I think I will have to write my own review on your website at the worst site out there.

  • Well said Sunny. If you weren’t born and raised in Brooklyn, don’t write reviews on “Best” Brooklyn restaurants. That’s like trying to write a review on the best pizza in Brooklyn. Everyone has their favorite. As far as restaurants, there’s more than a few just in Bensonhurst and Flatlands alone that are better than Roman’s. Go back to the midwest where you came from! 🙂

  • I haven’t been to this restaurant yet……..because I live in England……never mind.

  • Geez……….No reason to be mean and nasty. We’re all entitled to our own opinion.

  • There ARE better places! maybe you want to run a survey to find what actually is TRUE! You can use SoGoSurvey, the bets online survey tool that is packed with features, yet affordable!