The Jonas Brothers Are Reuniting at Radio City Tonight, and People (Girls, Mostly, but Also Paul McCartney) Can Barely Contain Themselves

10/11/2012 12:57 PM |


This post started out as a compilation of tweets from fawning Morrissey fans at Radio City last night as a way of recognizing his following as one of the most hopelessly devoted of any working musician’s—a commonly accepted notion in indie-rock circles, but one that’s worth examining every now and then, if only for kicks.

But this just in: Moz’ peeps have got nothing on Jonas Brothers fans. Scrolling through tweets featuring the words “Radio City,” where the Les Freres Jonas are reuniting for just one night in T-minus seven hours, it became apparent that the truly, hopelessly devoted belong to them. These people are FLIPPING OUT and are letting us know it. Forever at the mercy of teenage hearts, pop star idol worshiping can be unsound and nonsensical, but the sort of flailing enthusiasm it incites—as so many of us approach CMJ with creeping cynicism—is endearing to witness. Unadulterated love. Let us not forget how it feels.

This is how it looks on Twitter: