Today, In Beard-Related News

10/23/2012 2:21 PM |


First, in the area of Arts and Humanities, a Belgian girl takes an anthropological, and sociological, and poetical look at the “beardos” in her book-in-progress, The Beardo Manifesto. Cecile Goossens started the project while visiting New York last year after noticing “it was some kind of fashion in Brooklyn. We don’t see that many ‘beardos’ in Brussels,” reports DNAinfo. She wanted to know what was behind the secular “ritual”, so she stuck up posters calling for “beardviews”: interviews with bearded men. The final project will blend a fictional story about a girl who wishes she could grow a beard with the real-life stories of the 18 bearded Brooklynites (not surprising—they’re all from Williamsburg). It sounds refreshingly unironic.

In Gaming and Technology, there’s the beard video game, which probably won’t be making its way to your iPhone anytime soon. They didn’t raise enough funds in their Kickstarter campaign. If only I found this three days earlier!

And in Religion: Have you seen the tumblr Bearded Gospel Men? It might be the best way to waste time I’ve found all week, and has inspired a hitherto unknown beard envy (Freud had it all wrong). Only thing—I can’t tell to what extent (if any) they’re being ironic! BGM told the Huffington Post: “The honest and simple agenda for BGM is getting our beard on and encouraging one another as Christians. We love all beards and all men and all are welcome to visit, comment, and enjoy BGM, but our niche is beards for Jesus (and fun).”

I just don’t know. They seem pretty insistent about the Christian thing, but they also used the phrase “getting our beard on”. And their Facebook page implores readers not to take them too seriously, which might mean they take themselves a little seriously? What do you think?