Urban Outfitters Now Hawking “Rare Vintage” Lisa Frank Folders

10/17/2012 9:30 AM |


If, like me, you’re a somewhat crotchety woman who attended elementary school at some point during the Clinton (or H.W. Bush) years, you have a tough choice to make this week. There are really only two options:

a) Resist the pull Urban Outfitters, for fear of the crushed-velvet-clad teenagers who will inevitably be carrying the exact same accessories as you…


b) Drop $35 on a Lisa Frank “Vintage Tri-Fold Binder Set” which is fucking adorable and makes you feel young and free again.


Inevitably, the chain has now rolled out a series of “LIMITED EDITION,” “RARE VINTAGE” Lisa Frank wares, ranging from folders to eraser sets to a $79 cookie jar in the shape of a lovable, panting puppy, and truly, it’s as easy to hate as it is to age-inappropriately covet.

So what’s a churl to do?

Well, you know, it’s your life and your money, so do what you have to do I guess. But we’d all be well-advised to remember all those legends your grandparents used to tell you about the (expensive) arrival of the four, rainbow-colored ponies of the overdone 90’s nostalgia apocalypse. That, and the fact that you’d be unwittingly representing one of the very worst memes of the entire election season. Up to you.

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