“Do You Have A Nemesis In Brooklyn?” If Yes, A New Reality Show Wants To Cast You

11/28/2012 12:52 PM |


  • @TionnaSmalls

With the first season of Gallery Girls off the air and no recent flyers requesting background “hipster types” for Girls, there’s been something of a Brooklyn casting drought for anyone hoping to get paid to publicly make an ass of themselves on footage that will never, ever go away.

No longer! Tionna Tee Smalls — who you may or may not lovingly remember for her Gawker advice columns, and as the author of tomes including Girl Get Your Mind Right and Men Love Abuse — has taken to Twitter to circulate a casting call for a new “docu-series” focusing on self-declared Brooklyn “It Girls.”

Based on this grainy Instagram, applicants must be “very personable and popular,” and have compelling answers to questions including “Do you have a nemesis in Brooklyn” and “What makes you so popular?” Additionally, “tragic or unique stories” are encouraged.

Unfortunately, judging by Smalls’ Twitter feed, it looks like the first round of casting has already been decided. For now, we just have to sit and speculate on what, exactly, the minds over at Talk Dat Ish entertainment have in store for us. That, and wonder who they could possibly find with a better nemesis than ours, Michelle Williams. That woman throws wine in faces at the drop of a fucking hat.

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