Most of New York Doesn’t Give Out “I Voted” Stickers and Twitter is Sad About It

11/06/2012 10:08 AM |


Miffed that you got up early to vote and didn’t get an “I Voted” sticker? You are not alone. The twitterers of NYC are stickerless and sad:

According to Gothamist in 2008, New York just doesn’t do that.

Feeling cheated because you didn’t get your “I Voted” sticker? We called up the Board of Elections to check in on this very important situation, and they told us they don’t think New York City has ever handed out the little badges of civic duty.

I have heard tell of some people getting them, and in that very article’s comments, a few Brooklynites had gotten stickers. But it does not seem to be the policy of the New York BOE, and more’s the Instagram pity:

HOW ARE WE SUPPOSED TO CELEBRATE ELECTION DAY WITHOUT INSTAGRAMMED STICKERS?!?! There is an “I voted” twitter badge, which not the same, not the same at all. Still, even if you cannot get a sticker, you should still probably vote. Oh, and don’t instagram your ballot! Apparently that is a thing? And it is a bad idea, because it is illegal.