The Brooklyn Gift Guide: How to Please Every Type of Person in Your Life

11/21/2012 4:02 AM |

Gifts for Pet Owners Gifts for Music Lovers Neighborhood-Specific Gifts
Gifts for Brooklyn-Lit Lovers Gifts for Significant Others’ Parents Gifts for Your Roomate, From Which You Will Also Benefit
Sex Gifts Gifts for the Bearded, Mustachioed, or Otherwise Hairy Gifts for Holiday-Haters
Gifts for Drinkers Secret Santa Office Party Gifts Five Holiday Gift Recommendations from Designer Caitlin Mociun
Gifts for your foodie friend Charitable Gifts DIY Gifts
Gifts for Cyclists Gifts for the Online Thrifter, from Nifty Thrifty Gifts for Stoners
Gifts for Writers Gifts for Cinephiles Gifts For Children, Chosen by Norman & Jules
5 Gifts of Personal Betterment Gifts for the Anti-Consumerist 5 Meaningful IOU Gifts