This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Black Friday Edition

11/19/2012 2:06 PM |

Image from Ben Gockers table at the Seven Art Fair (Photo courtesy of P.P.O.W.)

  • Image from Ben Gocker’s table at the Seven Art Fair (Photo courtesy of P.P.O.W.)

You’re still reading the art events this week, so we’re still writing ‘em. Gotta get a few in before Thanksgiving. Junkies.

Monday, November 19th

Opening: Migration Art Expo, United Nations

If you were wondering what Brazilian contemporary art looks like, this might be your chance. A travelling exhibition of forty-two Brazilian artists comes to the States for its last stop at the U.N. It doesn’t mean the show will be representative of the art down there, but it’s a chance to see something outside the circuit.
6 PM, 1st Ave and 46th Street

Benefit: ICI, The Prince George Ballroom

The ICI needs your money, and in order to celebrate that, they’ll be honoring the oligarch daughter-slash-socialite Dasha Zhukova, who recently started a new museum in Moscow. That award will be presented by Agnes Gund, who has her name on the first floor entry hall at MoMA.
6:30—10:30 PM, 15 East 27th Street

Tuesday, November 20th

Opening: Problem Play, Leo Koenig

What do art fair darling John Armleder and institutional critique master Andrea Fraser have to do with each other? They’re famous, varyingly conceptual, and in a group show together at Leo Koenig alongside Lara Favaretto, Bethan Huws, Ken Lum, Jonathan Monk, Arnold Odermatt, Pavel Pepperstein, and Ed Ruscha. The show’s name comes from a 19th century genre, in which protagonists were highly developed and morally conflicted, “employing dark humor to undermine hegemonic conventions.” It looks like “hegemonic conventions” is meant in the most abstract possible sense.
6-8 PM, 545 West 23rd Street

BLACK FRIDAY, November 23rd

Opening: Art in Boxes 2012, About Glamour Gallery

Don’t feel much like sinking precious time and money into Amazon this holiday season? Then get something handmade while supporting the local arts community by stopping by “Art in Boxes” exhibition at Williamsburg’s About Glamour Gallery.

And if you like the idea but want to shop around, check out local community supported art projects like CSA Philadelphia and the new Auxiliary Projects gallery in Bushwick.
Noon- 8PM, 107A North 3rd Street, Williamsburg. Open 7 days a week.

Sunday, November 25th
Artists Brunch and Sandy Donations: People’s Ping Pong Party, Present Company

“Ping Pong Party” refers to the game of ping pong between the U.S. and China in 1971, which paved the way for diplomacy. The artists iona rozeal brown and Rocky Wang will play off Chinese and African American archetypes, from martial arts to the Black Panther party (which is, apparently, still stigmatized).

It also looks like a fun party. As a part of the exhibition, they’ll be holding a Sunday morning table tennis and community brunch, to meet the artists and gather donations for Hurricane Sandy victims.
Brunch 12-3PM. 101 North 13th Street, Williamsburg


Show: Hot Potato, New York City (gallery)

Ben Gocker fans like myself won’t miss his current show which opened yesterday at the gallery New York City. Williamsburg natives may remember seeing his sprawling sand table tableau at this spring’s Seven Art Fair at the Boiler.
Since then, he’s also published a short novel The Pisces, which, from the first chapter, sounds like a Vonnegutesque basketball story, populated by characters like “Dr. Cram,” “Baby Moki Boki,” and “Alexander ‘Spaghetti’ Zanzibar.” Definitely an anomaly.
Open this week Mon-Weds 6-8 PM. 83 Bowery, 2nd floor