This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Travel Edition

11/12/2012 2:56 PM |

A gif by Lorna Mills for the show Hello AMIGA

  • A gif by Lorna Mills for Hello AMIGA

This week, we’ll be trekking to Canada. We’ll also travel from Bushwick to Chelsea to Soho, all the way to Long Island City.

Wednesday, November 14

Talk: Surreal Machines, Sculpture Center

Art historian Noam Elcott and artists Anicka Yi and Camille Henrot (both included in SC’s current show) panel a discussion about the impact of technology on the historical avant-garde and parallels to today. And it doesn’t start with the New Aesthetic.
44-19 Purves Street, Long Island City

Thursday, November 15th

Reading: Artistic Fictions, Printed Matter

Eight fiction writers from ‘round the world have set their stories in the art world. They’ll talk about why they do that during a series of readings at Printed Matter this week. They know their audience: we love social events and don’t have time to read. While you’re there, buy something; Printed Matter estimated a loss of 9,000 books in the flood.
6-8 PM, 195 Tenth Ave./W. 22nd St.

Opening and Site Launch:, Toronto’s Trinity Square Video and the Internet

If you happen to be in Toronto, head to the a show including gif God Lorna Mills (of AFCRPAAaA* fame), as well as Mark Pellegrino, Amy Lockhart, Alex McLeod, Barry Doupé, and Daniel Barrow. And if you don’t, then tune your browser north to the site page! We could spend an hour on each of these artists’ sites alone, so we’re setting aside a significant amount of time for this.
7pm 10pm, Trinity Square Video, 376 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto, Ontario

Performance: Yve Laris Cohen and Park McArthur, Recess Activities

See what Recess Activities’ current Session program artists Yve Laris Cohen and Park McArthur have been up to as they give a performance on Thursday. Cohen has been known to address gender roles in dance to an excruciating physical extreme; from the confines of a wheelchair, Park McArthur confronts viewers with the realities of living with a disability. They’re angry and driven. Together, they should be unstoppable.
9-10 PM, 41 Grand Street, Soho

Friday, November 16th

Opening: Surfaces, Supports, StorefrontBushwick

BAM curator (and AFC alumnus!) David Harper will curate another show of emerging painters Tatiana Berg and Evan Nesbit at Storefront Bushwick. Berg’s hexagonal cones on wheels and Evan Nesbit’s funky friendly stretched wool are part of a new wave in painting to suggest but not deliver tactility. Fans of Franz West, the Eames, or Ken Price will definitely want to see this show.
6-9 PM, 16 Wilson Avenue