Who Was the Best James Bond?

11/09/2012 11:35 AM |


Moore: Okay, I admit it: I still haven’t seen any Roger Moore Bond movies all the way through. I meant to go to The Spy Who Loved Me, but got sidetracked with a screening. I DVR’d Live and Let Die and watched the beginning of it, but got sidetracked by the last presidential debate. My wife and I watched the beginning of Moonraker when it was on Netflix Instant, but got sidetracked by not watching Moonraker anymore. Roger Moore has starred in more James Bond movies than anyone, which makes it hard to decide which ones to watch. Live and Let Die has a catchy theme song. The Spy Who Loved Me does, too, and it seems to be considered the all-around best. But Moonraker goes to space, and A View to a Kill has Christopher Walken. You can see the bind I’m in. Also, the alleged Roger Moore approach—campy old Uncle Bond—has sort of disseminated itself into my consciousness through dozens of self-consciously silly would-be blockbusters over the years, even those not directly intending to spoof this series.

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