Who Was the Best James Bond?

11/09/2012 11:35 AM |


Dalton: Like Lazenby, Dalton has a kind of Bond-revisionist mystique about him, as someone whose installment not that many people liked at the time, liked even less when a permanent replacement was found, and then seems to get props in retrospect. Indeed, The Living Daylights, which I saw at MoMA, does some pretty admirable stuff that Brosnan supposedly wanted to do and Craig actually did get to do: it gives us a grimmer, less quippy 007, and moves back in the direction of international espionage rather than full-on world-saving. But like On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, it gets itself a little hamstrung by adhering to the formula: women, gadgets, quips, running long. But Dalton makes a pretty cool semi-serious Bond, even if he does have to wear pleated pants at one point. I’m totally DVRing License to Kill and may watch it before I get to one of those Moore installments.

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