Who Was the Best James Bond?

11/09/2012 11:35 AM |


Brosnan: I know Moore’s Bond is supposed to be an old smoothie, but for me, Brosnan is the post-Connery guy who actually has some smoothness to make up for his lack of real menace. Brosnan had a fruitful second career sending up his Bond image in movies like The Tailor of Panama and The Matador, playing louche and sometimes crude, and maybe a touch of those characters would’ve given his run more distinction, but even so, I think he gets a bad rap (possibly because this is the Bond I grew up with, for better or worse). I haven’t seen any of the movies in years, but Tomorrow Never Dies is a totally solid James Bond movie, Die Another Day goes a little far into silliness but has plenty of good stuff, and the rest are both acceptable enough. I do remember feeling some disappointment in The World Is Not Enough when it came out, because I assumed that, with Begbie from Trainspotting as the villain, Denise Richards from Starship Troopers as one of the babes, and John Cleese on deck to replace Q, this would easily be the best James Bond movie ever made. How very late-90s of me! And how very forward-thinking of the movie to be just pretty good. But both World and Die Another Day attempt to inject some real-world consequences into Bond’s actions; he gets seriously injured during the extended opening of the former, and left for dead at the beginning of the latter. In fact, when watching the trailer for Skyfall and seeing how it hinges on Bond getting fake-killed and/or left for dead, I felt like a real expert thinking: Hey! Wait! All of that stuff has basically already happened in Die Another Day, You Only Live Twice, and the last half an hour of Casino Royale!

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