6 of Facebook’s All-Time Biggest Privacy Scandals

12/19/2012 1:01 PM |

Who wouldnt want to buy your sunset picture? Its the only one out there!

  • Who wouldn’t want to buy your sunset picture? It’s the only one out there!

Yesterday, news broke that Instagram — freshly partnered with the privacy-haters over at Facebook — is trying to make money off of the content we all upload and share with each other for free with the platform they have provided. Terrible! I mean, jokes aside, it is genuinely a little perturbing to think that they can license your pictures at will. At the same time, though, the actual likelihood of that happening is miniscule, and anyway, Facebook already pretty much does the same thing. In fact, remember all those other times we got mad and swore we’d never use any of this stuff again? Well, probably not, since last time I checked we’re all still using Facebook every minute of every day. But in case you don’t have anything to be anxious and worried about today, let’s look back at a few of the bigger incidents that have gotten people mad at Facebook, the company that now owns both Instagram and every personal detail of your life (give or take).