And Now a Few More Lists: 2012 Exit Interviews With Local Bands

12/28/2012 1:05 PM |


Fast Years

What are your five favorite albums released this year?
Quiet Loudly – Go Into the Light Smiling
Cloud Nothings – Attack on Memory
Japandroids – Celebration Rock
Best Coast – The Only Place
Shark? – True Waste

How about the best show you saw and/or played in?
Fast Years show at Muchmore’s with The Denzels and Indian Rebound. Everyone was blackout drunk, many were shirtless, we sort of trashed the place, and no one remembers any of their sets or how they got home. Sorry Muchmore’s… Forgive us?

Also: DIIV, Total Slacker and Night Manager at Cheap Storage was really messy and fun. METZ at Mercury Lounge and Death By Audio were rad too.

Any local band you think was deserving of more attention this year?
A few: Ski Lodge, Natureboy, Slam Donahue and Dead Stars.

Who’s a band to look out for next year, you think?
The Denzels

Band you’d most like to see reunite in 2013?
It’s apparently already happening in 2013—Fleetwood Mac reunion tour!

What’s on the agenda for Fast Years next year?
A new EP and a big show at Glasslands in January.

Any New Year’s resolutions?
Not eating pizza for every meal.