And Now a Few More Lists: 2012 Exit Interviews With Local Bands

12/28/2012 1:05 PM |


Craig Dermody of Scott & Charlene’s Wedding

What are your five favorite albums released this year?
Bitch Prefect – Big Time
Lower Plenty – Hard Rubbish
Woods – Bend Beyond
The Babies – Our House on the Hill
Twerps – Twerps

How about the best show you saw and/or played in?
This year? Peak Twins at The Tote, or Woods at Music Hall of Williamsburg, or The Babies at the Knitting Factory&#8212all amazing shows. Oh, and Spectre Folk with us at Big Snow!

Any local band you think was deserving of more attention this year?
Spectre Folk

Who’s a band to look out for next year, you think?
Peak Twins from Melbourne. I’ve been lucky enough to hear some of their new recordings, and they are going to have a massive year.

Band you’d most like to see reunite in 2013?
The Wipers (are they all still around?) or maybe see Pierced Arrows play heaps of Dead Moon songs.

What’s on the agenda for Scott & Charlene’s Wedding next year?
Release a record and tour it everywhere!

Any New Year’s resolutions?
I would, but I always seem to break them by 2am New Year’s morning.