In Which I Meet an OkCupid Dom

12/19/2012 11:35 AM |


My Dom and I met on OkCupid when I first moved to New York in September.

His profile was long and devoid of any real information about himself. I was bored one night and so sent him a message saying simply “????”

I got a flippant reply. Silly girls always fall for this. In my curiosity to figure him out, it prompted me to ask “what are you looking for?”

He responded quickly.

“I want a mature, willing submissive. A girl willing to listen and obey when I command her. A girl who gets wet having me in control, humiliating, degrading her, bringing her to orgasm in whatever way I please.”

I wondered how someone could be so ridiculous. But the message had turned me on. I wanted to learn what he’d be like in person. A few more messages and then texts and we agreed to meet one Saturday night.

A typical meeting went like this: I walked in, he told me to take off my coat, get on my knees. Then he gagged and blindfolded me. He yelled, “I don’t want you seeing shit,” and put a collar and lead around my neck. I felt excited, but worried his roommate would see me. He led me by the leash to his room.

He let go of the leash and walked across the room. “Find my cock. Then you can take the blindfold off.”

It was truly embarrassing to slowly crawl across his floor, trying to listen for his breath, or footsteps, in order to find him. Eventually, I outstretched my arms and felt his legs; unbuttoned and took down his jeans and boxers. I took the blindfold and gag off.

“Good Bitch,” he said, as I put his cock in my mouth. He gripped the collar and facefucked me violently. He told me to stick my tongue out and hum, I gagged loudly. “Suck it like you haven’t eaten for weeks.”

His goal was always to make me vomit, and I had a strong gag reflex. When I vomited repeatedly, he told me to lick it off his balls. He dragged my face into it when I threw up on the floor.

I liked the complete intensity that came with being made to throw up, nothing held back.

He gagged me roughly holding my nose: my whole body convulsed, desperate for air. He let me breathe, and I let out a huge gasp.

“Do you know how much that turns me on, you struggling for air?” He asked.

After he was satisfied with face fucking me, he told me to turn away from him and take off my clothes. Then I was to bend over and grab my ankles.  He smacked my ass until it was bright red and raw. He made a game of seeing how red and bruised he could make my ass and breasts. “I’ve never met anyone who bruises as easily as you,” he said, grinning.

I didn’t enjoy being hit while it was happening. In fact, sometimes I would try to block his hand from hitting me. Eventually he hit me so hard that I fell to my knees and cowered on the floor.

“What the fuck are you doing?” He yelled, and lifted my head up by my hair. “Actually, no, that’s right, if you can’t take it get on the fucking floor,” he said. He dropped my head back to the ground and stepped on my neck. He applied enough pressure that I struggled to breathe. After I began clawing at his leg he let up, asking, “why do you deserve pleasure?”

I was too embarrassed to answer. He asked me again. When I didn’t respond he said, “you fucking suck at this,” grabbing me by my hair, maneuvering me into his bed.

He went down on me and fingered me roughly until a little blood ran down my thighs. He jammed his fingers down my throat until I gagged, saying, “Taste yourself, whore.”

Finally, he put me on my knees and gripped my ass tightly to fuck me from behind. We changed positions, face to face, him on top of me. He strangled me lightly then slowly increased in pressure. He liked to hear my breathing and voice grow more and more shallow.

He put me on the floor on my knees. He face fucked me more and ejaculated all over my face. He rubbed his cock across my face, smearing his cum across. “Perfect,” he said, smiling. I hated the smell, but I liked the feeling I got, as if he owned me.

After sex we showered together and I brushed my teeth. In bed he held me and stroked my hair.

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  • yeah none of this EVER happened. EVER.

    Are you really THAT stupid to go to a strangers house for sex without ANY meetup whatsoever

  • Nice fantasy. AND you got paid to write it.

  • The ‘Dom’ and Author certainly sound like well adjusted individuals and this isn’t in the least bit horrifying. Clearly, a progressive society should be very accepting of smashing someone’s face into their own vomit, stepping on their throat and causing their genitals to bleed.

    These people don’t need therapy, they’re just adventurous ‘kinksters’, amiright!?

  • When it’s least expected – you’re elected. You’re the star today
    With a hocus-pocus – you’re in focus.
    It’s your lucky day
    It’s fun to laugh at yourself. It’s a tonic, tried and true.
    It’s fun to laugh at yourself as other people do.
    How’s your sense of humor?
    There’s a rumor: Laughter’s on its way.

  • Pssst, Jimbo Jones, heres a tip: she probably definitely didn’t get paid for writing this.

  • As someone in D/s relationships, this is not adnormal. BUT this is something you do after you date, get to know and really trust the person. You were in subdrop and needing something and he didn’t give it to you. A real Dom will hold you and tell you what an amazing job you did for as long as you need. You wouldn’t feel less of a person if he as a real Dom and did his job correctly.

  • Okay I’m all for kink, but bleeding, vomiting, and crying? Call me a prude, but isn’t there a line somewhere?

  • Disgusting. What sort of man would enjoy watching a woman vomit on his balls? Why are people so cruel?

    Crap like this makes me wonder about the underlying nature of humanity. Does everyone secretly enjoy seeing another made inferior and submissive and in pain for the ego boost? That behavior permeates every element of life. Some people less so than others.

  • This just convinces me even further how repellent BDSM is. You must be mentally ill to want to like this kind of stuff. Stepping on someone’s neck? Making people vomit and make them eat it? Sex with no lubricant and not even stopping when the other person is telling you there’s something wrong? Sick. Absolutely vile. what animals people can be reduced to. Rape is only one step away from BDSM and it shows

  • Yea…… that guy’s manslaughter waiting to happen. That’s not a dom, that’s an abuser. Clueless, huge risks with someone new to extreme limits that he had no idea how they’ react. Careless, reckless, clueless.