MNDR Played Letterman… With Tom Cruise’s Son?

12/18/2012 1:45 PM |


Hmm, this is sort of weird! Well, not so weird that MNDR performed on Letterman last night. Even though her boom of “interestingly-dressed-woman-who-also-makes-music-by-herself” profiles petered out kind of a while ago (and long before her actual album came out), she’s nothing if not a trooper about making the promotional rounds.

A little weird, though, that she did it with 17-hear-old Conor Cruise in tow, the same night his dad was on the show promoting Jack Reacher. Sort of a crazy, totally coincidental convergence of creative types, isn’t it?

Or probably just a canny PR move on her part. Conor is not just the teenage son of an extremely wealthy Scientologist, after all, but also a person who has been known to DJ, and actually released this pretty standard remix of “Feed Me Diamonds” on Soundcloud around the same time as the show aired.

So this is mutually beneficial, I suppose. If she’s willing to listen to Dave’s “DMV” dad-jokes about her stage name, I’m willing to cut her some slack for hanging out with a teenage celebrity DJ.

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