The 12 Best Brooklyn Art Shows of 2012

12/17/2012 5:00 AM |


John Almanza and Dave Hardy, at Regina Rex.
A clever, space-befitting pairing of Almanza’s carefully reductive abstract paintings and Hardy’s hefty, materially severe sculptures. The latter grounded the former, the former leavened in return, their relationship one of inorganic symbiosis in the midst of six planes of nearly absolute white.

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  • Great recap of 2012! Wanted to call out the 5th Year for Brooklyn Studio Tours for 2013. It ran the Bay Ridge tour last year and are currently focusing on the 9th running artwalk in Red Hook & Carroll Gardens June 1 & 2, 2013. More info can be found on

    We would love to cross promote the other tours happening this year as well! Hoping all are smashing successes!