The Racist Subway Ads Are Back, This Time With 9/11 Images

12/14/2012 10:07 AM |


Noted racist and crazy person Pamela Gellar is back with more of those anti-Islam subway ads everyone hates (and vandalizes), this time dropping $70,000 for a new series of posters that are larger, more prominently placed and feature a giant image of the burning twin towers on 9/11 alongside a quote from the Koran saying, “Soon we shall cast terror into the hearts of unbelievers.”

Now, normally people just ignore, paint over, or tear down whatever new racist nonsense the American Freedom Defense Initiative is throwing our way, but Gellar has planned ahead this time, specifically buying out placement about the clocks in 220 New York subway stations so that anyone who didn’t like them “would have to get a ladder” to do anything about it.

There’s also a delicate symbolism to it. “Metaphorically it’s so powerful,” Gellar said this week. “The clock is ticking, from a civilizational point of view.” Well, based on everything about this story, it just may be. But maybe not quite in the way Gellar thinks it is.

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