The Ten Most Popular Stories of the Year at

12/26/2012 1:20 PM |


7. The Best of Young Brooklyn
This story gets harder and harder to put together each year. Not because of any lack of talented young Brooklynites doing cool things while being beautiful and charming—no, not because of that. It’s because the older we get, the more they all stay the same and, well, it’s depressing. Oh, and did we mention there was a 24-year-old novelist on the cover? (Kathleen Alcott, above). There’s a reason we refer to this one as the “Envy Issue.”

6. 15 Brooklyn Neighborhoods and the Very Best Restaurant in Each
We had a feeling this story would do well: it pits Brooklyn nabes against one another; it’s a big ol’ list; and it’s about food. I will say, though, after all these years, I’m still amazed by the following type of comment, in response to these kinds of highly subjective stories: “Who gave you the right to decide this?” HEY. ANONYMOUS COMMENTER WHO SAYS STUFF LIKE THAT, we encourage you start a magazine or a website or a “newsletter” on a single sheet of folded paper. It’s really easy to have an opinion and tell other people about it, so you can too! Listicles are an inalienable right.

5. 101 Secrets to Indie Rock Success
Should any of us ever decide we want to throw off the workaday world of the downtrodden-but-heroic journalist (ha!) we’re pretty sure we could become rock stars by using this list. And insofar as internet listicles go, this one was a huge undertaking, meticulously (and hilariously) put together by Mike Conklin and Lauren Beck. So we’re really glad it paid off.