The Ten Most Popular Stories of the Year at

12/26/2012 1:20 PM |


4. Ranking the 13 Most Livable Neighborhoods in Brooklyn
Remember what we said about pitting Brooklyn nabes against one another? Well, when you add gentrification anxiety and loaded socio-economic indicators to the mix, you get an internet shitstorm… Which, frankly, is good for traffic. Nonetheless, looking back at this list, I stand by it.

3. A Brief History of Greta Gerwig, in Pictures
Like Lena Dunham, we loved Greta Gerwig way, way back when she was an incipient mumblecore starlet. And now she stars in Woody Allen pictures. Way to go, Greta. We interviewed her in January of this year, and put together this little history of her career, which people seemed to love…

2. The 50 Best Blocks in Brooklyn
Though it’s truly grueling to put together, we’ve long loved this feature, as it forces the entire staff out-of-doors, where some of us even go so far as to walk around Brooklyn with no particular purpose. It’s all too easy in this city to fall into a pattern, a rut—home, work, bar, home, repeat—and stop seeing the broader world. This story makes us pay attention to the great big borough, its beauty, its drama… Luckily, our readers also paid attention.