The Ugliest Christmas Tree In New York

12/05/2012 11:15 AM |


Probably this tree should be presented without comment? Because what is there to say, really. You can see the glittery Christmas tiger (?) for yourself, you don’t need ME to point it out to you.

But it is worth mentioning that this tree resides in the house of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and his girlfriend, Sandra Lee, of Kwanzaa Cake fame. Ms. Lee tweeted a picture of this tree, and, like many people of a certain age, has not quite figured out how to rotate a photo so that it is properly vertical.

I don’t know. Maybe I haven’t really embraced the Christmas spirit yet? Some of Ms. Lee’s twitter followers commented that they find the tree “beautiful” and “bright”. And, well, it is successfully monochromatic. So, if that’s what the Lee-Cuomo house is into, a monochromatic, menagerie filled tree set off by the taxidermied, bedazzled body of that Bronx Zoo tiger who mauled that guy a few months ago, then, this tree is absolutely perfect. And if the intention was for this tree to get mocked by bloggers everywhere? Well-played, Sandra Lee, well-played.

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