This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Extreme Hangover Edition

12/31/2012 7:40 PM |

2001 Space Odyssey gif by Gustaf Mantel, courtesy

  • 2001 Space Odyssey gif by Gustaf Mantel, courtesy

Thanks to the holiday, some of us will not be at our finest this week. Our massive hangovers will likely be compounded with the news that taxes are going way up and arts funding’s going way down. Happy New Year!

In light of all that, here are some art events that are easy on both your stomach and your wallet.

Friday, January 4th

Opening: In The The Spring, KANSAS Gallery

On first glance, Strauss Bourque-LaFrance’s upcoming show at KANSAS looks just like most of what we’ve seen this year. Take B Wurtz-style assemblage, in high design aesthetic, silkscreen, and add some glassware, and immediately you’ve got some trendy formalism going on.

Fortunately, this one might match the esthete with content. “In The The Spring” takes its name from “Paris in The The Spring,” which the mind tends to filter as only having one “the.” The phrase sums up what work like this can do best, creating tenuous relationships between objects, getting at the space between language and reality. Plus, the gallery has a track record small shows that pack a punch.
6-8 PM, 59 Franklin Street, Manhattan

Opening: The Order of Things, NURTUREart

Not two weeks have passed since ten percent of humans prepared themselves for an asteroid or a tsunami or a reverse in the earth’s poles to destroy every living soul on this planet. Aaaand cue the retrospective art speak:

An acute awareness of time, as some wait with baited breath for “the end”, engenders a special attentiveness to space, materiality, and objecthood, with smaller details emerging and becoming foregrounded.

NURTUREart’s upcoming group show will think on the post-apocalyptic world, which actually sounds fun.
7-9 Bogart Street, Bushwick

Opening: Adam Parker Smith 9:4:1, Storefront Bushwick

Art Fag City readers may remember that Paddy Johnson awarded Adam Parker Smith as Best in Show for his foam anus and vaginas on formica last year. Of all things, she appreciated their nuance.

So we’re not quite sure what will come out of Smith’s installation combining 2001: A Space Odyssey with California Air and Light Minimalism, but it’s gonna be interesting. Smith often works playfully with fan culture, so the show may climax on years of work.
6-9 PM, 16 Wilson Ave, Bushwick

Saturday, January 5th

Opening: Diana Cooper, My Eye Travels, Postmasters Gallery

Diana Cooper makes wall-mounted webs of photographs, bits of pipe cleaner, tubing, and household items woven together as a sort of visual map. Cooper basically takes her studio and puts it on the wall, so you may never see quite the same work twice— and this one’s going to be extensive. Postmasters co-founder Magda Sawon has been tweeting that since the Art Fag City Wienerfest, the gallery has spent ten days installing the work, with another week to go.
6-8 PM, 459 West 19th Street, Chelsea

Sunday, January 6th

Opening: Sharon Butler: Precisionist Casual, Pocket Utopia

If you’ve ever wondered what Two Coats founder Sharon Butler’s work looks like, here’s your chance to check it out. We consider this a must-see, not only for Two Coats fans but for anyone interested in the Bushwick painting scene. The artist is building on a great deal of thought on painting in Bushwick.
6 – 8PM 191 Henry Street, Manhattan

Opening: a group exhibition curated by Haim Steinbach, Hunter College’s Times Square Gallery

The Artist Institute launches the last of a six-month series of shows dedicated to Haim Steinbach, whose toys and household objects on shelves have influenced the work of many of the artists in this events listing. Steinbach’s curated a group show, of several other artists who also use reappropriation really innovatively, like Rachel Harrison, Sherrie Levine, and Julia Wachtel. If you only make it to a few shows this season, this should be one of them.
6-8 PM, 450 W 41 street, b/w 9 & 10 avenue