Unverified but Worth Repeating: Reports of Multiple Attacks on Women in Bushwick

12/11/2012 9:31 AM |


Last night people were retweeting this note cautioning that five women had been attacked in Brooklyn this past week. The story hasn’t been confirmed, which normally means I would not be telling you about it, but if people’s safety is at risk, better mention it. So DON’T hunt down anyone matching the attacker’s description vigilante-style, but DO be extra careful if you’re someone, especially someone female, walking around Bushwick alone. More from Bushwick Daily:

Several of our readers have reported that they have heard about multiple attacks on women in the past week in Bushwick. We are trying to obtain more information from NYPD. So far, DCPI NYPD informed us that there were no sexual crimes reported in Bushwick in the past week, which however doesn’t exclude other violent crimes.

Brooklyn Bike Patrol, which escorts women from subway stations to their homes safey in the late evenings hours, however posted on their Facebook page a warning:

“A dear friend of BBP informed me that there have been 5 attacks of women in Bushwick. People we service that area. Please pass the word of our service to any love ones who live in that neighborhood. Stay safe with BBP.”

Call Brooklyn Bike Patrol if you are not feeling safe at 718-744-7592, they will escort you home. [Bushwick Daily]

So yeah, take extra precautions, because even if this turns out not to be true, what’s the worst that could happen? You get home extra safe?