A Dreamy Evening at the Fireside Follies

01/22/2013 11:20 AM |

Rebecca Wolff reads from her new, “bad,” “mid-life crisis” poems

  • Rebecca Wolff reads from her new, “bad,” “mid-life crisis” poems

“I’ve been complaining since I got here—what is this, Bushwick?” Rebecca Wolff began, slightly antagonizing the pretty local crowd. She read a series of new poems that she didn’t “feel particularly certain of”—always a promising start. “They mostly document the ridiculously violent passion I had recently for a person, so they must be bad poems,” she rationalized, citing too a mid-life crisis, manifested through her doula training and the experience of newly being in love. Luckily for those still reeling from McClanahan, Wolff was, of course, exaggerating, and concluded the evening with a series of sparse poems nowhere near as juvenile as she set them up to be.