BAM’s Secret Socialist History?

01/29/2013 11:55 AM |


BAM recently won on eBay a 1931 letter from the director of The Brooklyn Forum to then-former Secretary of State Bainbridge Colby, asking him to participate in a discussion called “Does American Need a Political Re-alignment?” Written on Brooklyn Forum/Academy of Music letterhead—listing BAM’s address, 30 Lafayette Avenue—the bottom of the letter indicates it’s under the “Auspices [of the] Kings County Socialist Party.” The discussion was to feature a former-assistant secretary of state, a Socialist former-member of the legislature, and the famous American philosopher John Dewey.

Bainbridge declined. “Perhaps it was this formidable array of leftist luminaries that prompted Mr. Colby to decline the invitation and cower in his anti-communist hidey-hole,” BAM suggests on its blog. (Colby “established a precedent for NOT recognizing newly Communist Russia, which remained in place until 1933,” BAM reports.)

“Where are all the BAM socialists now?” the theater asks at the end of the blog post, which is the best question ever.

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