Dr. Zizmor Is Now in the Dog Plastic Surgery Business

01/15/2013 11:41 AM |


Alright, so that’s a bit misleading. To our knowledge, subway hero Dr. Zizmor is still strictly in the dermatology biz. But have you seen these Zizmor parodies offering the certified canine plastic surgery services of Steven Armond, M.D.? They’re amazing. So amazing that I felt compelled to take the above shaky cell phone pic, which unfortunately couldn’t fit Armond’s testimonial reading, “You wouldn’t buy an ugly sofa. You wouldn’t talk to an ugly person. I only hire very attractive people and my third wife is one of the most beautiful women I know.” Anyway, what’s the deal with these?

Well, the astute nerd will recognize Armond as comedian Nick Kroll, and a visit to Puppylift.com redirects to a video on the Comedy Central website (embedded below) starring Kroll as “Armond” and Jenny Slate as a satisfied owner of a formerly-ugly dog. Essentially, the whole thing is an elaborate, targeted promo for Kroll’s new show on the network, which premiers tomorrow.

Which, well-played, to all of this. If anyone has ever seen a better (extremely geo-targeted) marketing ploy — or the offices of a real dog plastic surgeon — I would very much like to hear it.

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