Is It Ever Okay To Make Fun of an Inspirational, Anti-Bullying Organization? Yes.

01/04/2013 2:45 PM |


Now, okay, that statement comes with a few qualifications. The “Anything is Possible” project, responsible for the totally mystifying @ProjectAIP Twitter feed, is a nice idea, surely run by nice people. Per their website, “Our goal is to build the internet’s largest database of stories from inspiring people who survived seemingly insurmountable problems as teens and ultimately thrived.”

Noble enough. And hey, I will personally vouch that being an unpopular fat kid who gets rashes from inner-tubing at summer camp is terrible. Inspiration can help. However, in this case, we have an idea that in theory, is lovely, and in practice, goes like this:


Uh… what? So that seems a little strange, but okay. And then things get a little weirder:



So, the takeaway here is basically that things will all even out and you, too, will be attractive? Not necessarily fulfilled for other reasons, but definitely beautiful? Hmm. Then, they start tweeting about Rihanna.