Semi-Crummy Live Audio of a New Vampire Weekend Song Still Not So Bad

01/23/2013 12:33 PM |


Yesterday, favored NYC preps Vampire Weekend announced the release date of their first album in almost three years, the follow up to the pretty darn good Contra: May 6th in the UK, and May 7th in the US. That 2010 record and their 2008 debut both sound pretty classic right about now, possessing a fully formed aesthetic of smart lyrics and memorable melodies. Are we still going to fight about them appropriating African cultures and dressing kind of dorky? Or can we just skip that part this time? The only hope is that everyone is all bitched out, because the yet-to-be-titled new one is most likely going to be a continuation of previous work rather than a massive departure.

Our assumption is supported by a possible preview of their new record that was posted on Stereogum this morning, a live version of a new song “Arms” from a concert in Sydney, Australia. And while getting really excited about kinda fuzzy live versions of new songs right before their recorded versions come out makes us feel a little overexcited and teenage, you can already hear how polished this one sounds in concert, and will soon sound on record. I bet those soothing keyboard lines, spacious drums, and rising string swells are going to sound just great! More ready for this than I might have previously expected. 2013 is shaping up real nice, folks.

Listen to the recording of “Arms” below, maybe while standing behind some really tall guy and pretending he is blocking your stage view: