The Secrets to Entrepreneurial Success in Brooklyn

01/30/2013 4:00 AM |

Amber Jacobsen

and Adam Boyd

They are the founding partners, with Toby Smith, of the Brooklyn branch of Toby’s Estate, a coffee roaster and coffee shop.

What neighborhood do you live in?
Amber: Over the years we have spent a lot of time in Williamsburg and we continue to be inspired by the food, music, and people—we thought it would be the perfect neighborhood for Toby’s Estate as people here are open to trying new things.
Adam: We also needed a large amount of space to sample, store and roast our coffee, as well as facilities for training and trialing our coffees. The space we found on North 6th St is 3,000 square feet and also has loading access as it used to be a meat-packing warehouse. We love finding out the history of the buildings in this neighborhood.

For people who may be unfamiliar with it, how would you describe what Toby’s does?
Amber: Toby’s Estate is a coffee roastery. We roast and wholesale our coffee to specialty cafes, restaurants and grocers so we have a factory in Brooklyn with full-time roasters, service technicians, wholesale staff and trainers.
Adam: We also run a café that showcases our products, allowing our guests to experience the things we enjoy; and also to be involved through our brew school, which offers training and education. We travel to origin many times a year and use direct farm relationships to source the finest coffees from all over the world, and then we bring the beans back to Brooklyn and roast them in house.

Why start it up? What do you do that’s different from similar businesses?
Amber: Our point of difference is service, training, delivery and education.
We believe this is as important as the roasted product. We are continually working with our clients, staff and equipment to create and share the best end product.
Adam: We pride ourselves on being friendly—we take our coffee seriously and are committed to delivering an amazing product but have fun while we’re doing it.

Why start up in Brooklyn?
Amber: You only have to pick up a magazine or newspaper to realize Brooklyn is at the center of the culinary world. It’s exciting to be surrounded and inspired by amazing restaurants and businesses, and feel like we are part of a great food movement.
Adam: Brooklyn residents really appreciate the time spent on creating fine food products, and the backstory on how a product gets from a creator to their homes.

Is this your dream job? Or do you wish you could be doing something else?
Amber and Adam: We live, breathe, and go home smelling of coffee—we don’t want to be anywhere else

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