Trend Alert: Indoor Plant Art

01/29/2013 11:44 AM |

Michael Pybus Pikachu Plant Pot (2) is a close call.

  • Michael Pybus’ “Pikachu Plant Pot (2)” is a close call.

When gophers overrun a patch of green, park rangers root them out. Art critics aren’t like park rangers; when we see too much of the same type of art, we call it a trend. Then if there’s meaning behind that trend, we call it a movement.

Here are 11 examples of “live plants in galleries” and a couple of close calls thrown in for good measure. As I mentioned in The L Mag last week, everyone’s making indoor plant art, so it’s a trend. But a movement? It’s hard to tell at this point if we’ve grown uneasy with the stolid white cube, or if we just wish art was more like a Chia pet.

1. Martin Roth