Trend Alert: Indoor Plant Art

01/29/2013 11:44 AM |

Close Calls
1. Thea Djordjadze, “As Sagas sa”, 2012


Djordjadze’s sculpture-in-a-greenhouse at Documenta (13) is almost a plant in a gallery.

2. Michael Pybus, “Pika Pika Pika”, 2012

Until this limited-edition Pikachu-shaped planter with seeds shows up in a gallery, it’s not part of this trend.

3. Mise en green


This is one of the smartest Tumblrs around, compiling a list of historic and a few contemporary examples of plants in galleries. Really, it’s amazing to think that MoMA kept plants in their galleries—not as art, but decoration—through the 1980s, and that the museum kept the same plants in their galleries for decades.

4. That grassy knoll at Art Basel Miami Beach


It’s astroturf, and it’s not art.