What’s Going On With The Attacks on Women in Bushwick?

01/24/2013 3:46 PM |


Back in December, there were a lot of (mostly unverified) reports of a series of attacks on women in Bushwick, mainly focused on a single attacker who “grabs the women in the dark from behind and slams them against a building wall.” This, of course, led to a lot of concern among neighborhood residents, but not much clear follow-up.

Bushwick Daily checked back in on the whole thing today, and unfortunately, it’s still somewhat unclear what’s actually going on here. From their post:

“We have called the 83rd Precinct of NYPD multiple times. Earlier in January, an officer refused to confirm one individual suspect, and told us that Bushwick is one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the City, and everybody should always be careful. He recommended never walking alone, especially late at night, women and men alike. A very basic google search, in addition to the numerous comments under our original post, shows that thinking that Bushwick has only one serial rapist would be optimistic.”

They also note that crime stats from between January 7th and 13th indicate 2 incidents of rape, 1 misdemeanor sex assault, and 8 misdemeanor assaults, with many likely underreported, or not reported at all. “I met with top officers of the 83rd, 90th & 94th precincts. They can’t serve you if no one is reporting these incidents that have been going on in Bushwick and Williamsburg area,” writes Jay Ruiz of the Brooklyn Bike Patrol.

It’s all frustratingly vague, but the drill, basically is the same as ever: don’t walk around with your phone out or your headphones in, avoid walking alone at night, be aware of your surroundings, and when in doubt, call a cab or the very nice guys over at the Bike Patrol, who will escort you home safely. Whether or not this specific series of attacks is still going on, none of this can ever really be a bad idea, right?

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