1am Is As Busy As Rush Hour at the Bedford Stop

02/20/2013 11:37 AM |

24-Hour Party People

  • 24-Hour Party People

Because, you know, Bedford Ave. Williamsburg. That, my friends, is where the party is at. And now it’s been statistically proven, sort of.

According to the Brooklyn Paper (which helpfully coined the term “hipster rush hour”), Carson Qing, a grad student at NYU’s Rudin Center for Transportation Policy and Management, has sifted through MTA data and determined that the Bedford L stop is just as busy at 1am as it is during morning and evening rush hours.

“[The MTA] should not treat travel demands on all lines the same. The L has very unique travel patterns that should be taken into account,” said Qing, who’s now pushing for the agency to add more trains during peak party hours, as opposed to its current one-every-20-minutes late night schedule.

An MTA spokesperson responded that they’ve already added more trains to the line, and need to collect further data before they think about ramping up late-night service. So, for now, we’re left with knowledge that most of us already had: people really like to stay out late and get drunk in Williamsburg. As you were, everyone.

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  • Train ride from hell. Check out all those turds brandishing the cell cameras. Looks like a middle American dorm party. Props to Al Bundy for posing in the back with the green Parker.