Brooklyn Man Sees The Face Of God In A Turd

02/26/2013 10:56 AM |

TK turd caption

Ok, so that was a little sneaky, this actually took place in Brooklyn, Ohio. But I wanted an excuse to write about this mystical bird turd and by God, I found it. Really, it’s quite a story.

Earlier this week, Brooklyn, Ohio resident Jim Lawry found a smattering of bird shit on the windshield of his car. Did he simply wipe it off with his sleeve, cursing whichever malevolent god first created bird? No, Jim Lawry did not. Jim Lawry, in fact, took a closer look at this poop, and thought, “this looks familiar.” He then posted a YouTube video (it has since been taken down) explaining that he thinks it may be a sign. “It’s like a perfect portrait,” he said. “It’s like Jesus staring right at me.”

Alternate theories have since cropped up — MSN claimed the poop looks like “a dog wearing a wig,” while others see a facial resemblance to Vega, of Street Fighter fame — but these are immaterial. It is Lawry’s poop, and Lawry’s interpretation. No word yet on his plans for the windshield.

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