Brooklyn’s Valentine’s Day Gift to You? Free STD Screening

02/12/2013 10:53 AM |


Aw, geez, guys! I mean, I was really only expecting a dark chocolate Whitman’s Sampler and a cheap bottle of riesling, but this is great, too. Three different clinics — the CABS Health Center in East Williamsburg, the Caribbean House Health Center in Crown Heights, and the Dr. Betty Shabazz Health Center in East New York — are offering free HIV and Hepatitis C screenings (and access to doctor consultations) in honor of Valentine’s Day.

A PR email from the Community Healthcare Network added, “Take a test for love.”

Which, if there were really some kind of “test for love” then everything about relationships would be so much easier, it almost hurts to think about it. But you know, point taken. Making sure that you’re healthy and/or not putting the person you care about (or even the person you’re sleeping with occasionally) at risk is actually a very romantic thing to do. Also a moral obligation.

Point being, this is a great thing being offered up for free. Go do it! And use the money you saved to buy a Whitman’s Sampler. This week, that is also a moral obligation.

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