Calling All Noise Bands and Kracauer Addicts! Megapolis Wants You, But No Hippies Allowed

02/01/2013 11:09 AM |

This GIF is on Megapolis homepage. Were not sure why.

  • This GIF is on Megapolis’ homepage. We’re not sure why.

Soundlovers rejoice! The nation’s best audio art festival and conference, Megapolis, will land in New York this April, and they’re looking for submissions by February 10th. Festivals of years past have included sessions that run the gamut from how to make your own Atari punk console to presentations involving an abandoned mental health ward (by Nick Van der Kolk of Love and Radio). This year, festival organizers have already lined up several sessions, performances, and workshops by Nina Katchadourian, Andrea Seabrook, Fluxtronix, Anna Friz, Eric Leonardson, Emch, and Live Footage.

Keeping with the festival’s DIY ethos, they’re seeking submissions from anyone or any group who’s got a love for audio. If you like to perform, talk, or show-and-tell about anything that falls into three categories: build, create, or experience, this venue is for you.

Specifically, they’re looking for people to lead daytime workshops and tours. If you know how to use an arduino, make an app, 8-Bit music, or the like, and feel like sharing it with the world, they’ll love you.

Just one more thing from Megapolis festival organizers’ mouths: no hippie drum circles. There’s Burning Man for that.

Now submit!