Don’t Worry, Wear Deodorant: K-HOLE’s Latest Issue

02/15/2013 12:22 PM |

From K-HOLEs latest issue.

  • From K-HOLE’s latest issue.

New York-based art and design collective K-HOLE (Greg Fong, Sean Monahan, Emily Segal, Chris Sherron, and Dena Yago) is the Deep Throat of the corporate marketing worlds. Since 2011, they’ve been publishing K-HOLE, their self-titled mag as a free PDF and on fancy schmancy USBs. In its pages, the group exposes what marketing departments don’t want customers to know, things like “The job of the advanced consumer is managing anxiety, period.” All that could come across as overly preachy, (i.e. corporate marketing is bad), but K-HOLE’s glossy, playful design gets rid of that vibe.

Now, with K-HOLE’s most recent issue The K-HOLE Brand Anxiety Matrix, they’ve paired up with fashion label Eckhaus Latta to bring the world a potential solution to all this anxiety: deodorant.

Neither one of these high-end deodorants will leave you smelling powdery fresh. First off, there’s BRAD, which smells like Old Spice, a reliable—and not too shabby—favorite; and then there’s YOU, a hurricane-like cocktail of dirt, Marlboro Lights, saliva, and counterfeit Chanel No. 5, among other backroom scents. Both deodorants probably smell like the Jersey Shore, and while you won’t smell like sweat, there is no stick powerful enough to mask the smell of shame.

This may not be the first time deodorant’s popped up in the art world (Christopher Chiappa) or the first time an art collective’s infiltrated marketing (Bernadette Corporation), but K-HOLE’s ethos is in the right place. For them, life is about managing worry, but the right products can (mostly) help.