Horoscope: 2/15/13


We hid inside a mask yesterday. We climbed up inside of the smooth wood interior and each of us curled up in one of the eye sockets. We both stuck an arm—one left and one right—out of the holes and held hands together across the bridge of the nose. And when our hands grew hot, so hot we couldn’t hold on anymore, we climbed out of the mask and woke up Läps and told him what the stars had said to us. He kept his eyes open the whole time we were talking and then closed them the moment we stopped. “Write it down for me,” he said. “I’m not ready to wake up yet.” And so we did.

Aquarius Jan 20-Feb 18
Have you ever walked on your knees through a pile of gravel? Putting your hands down occasionally to get some relief, but then bringing them back up once they started to bleed? This isn’t about the gravel. And it isn’t about the pain. It’s about the taste of your blood when you bring your hands up to your mouth. Your hands are rough as peanut shells now, but they taste like the earth. Put them in your mouth and tear at the sides of your lips and you won’t even feel the gravel under your knees anymore.

Pisces Feb 19-Mar 20
A dancer we know trained for four months in a barn in northern Michigan. For the entire four months she danced with her arms tied to her sides so that she could only concentrate on her legs. Do you feel right now like you’re missing your arms? Do you feel like you’ve lost your sight? You haven’t lost anything. Just because something isn’t working the way it used to, doesn’t mean that it’s gone forever. And think of how much stronger you’ll be when this is all over.

Aries Mar 21-Apr 19
We know why you write all over your body. We know that you think if you don’t do it, something else will do it for you. So you mark yourself up. We think it looks beautiful. We think the more you cover yourself, the more you can be seen. Scratch at your eyes, claw at your hair, let the sun burn away your skin, revealing everything underneath. Damage lasts forever, and nothing is better than eternity.

Taurus Apr 20-May 20
We know a woman with dark eyes that are full of pain. When she was a little girl with those same dark eyes that are full of pain, someone told her, “Little girls aren’t supposed to be dark and full of pain. Little girls are light and empty.” The little girl walked outside and lay on the grass and looked up at the sun and the sky and pulled bits of the sun and the sky down into her eyes, thinking they’d turn light and empty. She looked in the mirror. Her eyes were still dark and her eyes were still full of pain. But she realized she liked pain. Not a little, but a lot. And so she went back to look at the sun, and later, the stars.

Gemini May 21-Jun 21
Did you feel it, Gemini, when the knife cut into your back? It went lightly over the surface, and went down one side and then up the other, leaving two wounds, parallel to each other. We think you felt every second of it and we think you hoped that wings would spring out, dripping from being inside you. But the wings are still inside. And you have these cuts. The skin around them hardens. The gashes seem like they could touch. But they never will. You are stronger for them, even if you don’t want to be.

Cancer Jun 22-Jul 22

You sit by the sea with a woman who is perfect. She tells you she loves you and she wants you to tell her the same. You do. Even though you don’t want to, but because every nerve in your body is burning and you want the fire to go out, you say, I love you. But you love someone else. Be patient. The fire is not out completely. It will ignite again.

Leo Jul 23-Aug 22
We see you, Leo, and not everyone does. We have felt you, Leo, and not everyone has. You were moving in circles for a long time, hunting prey that you had killed long ago. Now you have stopped. You have moved on and you stand still, looking at birds circling in the sky, wondering if you are the one being hunted now, or if you can still be the hunter. Well, we will tell you. The birds do not want to kill you, but they do not want you to kill them. So, they stay far away. They are beautiful but you’ll find something better. Something like you.

Virgo Aug 23-Sep 22
Every night the flood comes for you, Virgo, doesn’t it? Every night, the water soaks your body and your mind. Your legs and arms get heavy and you wake up gasping for air, feeling like you’re drowning on dry land. Here’s how you get it to stop, if that’s what you want—you read a Mayakovsky poem every night before bed and it will take you up into the stars. But maybe you don’t want to stop it. It’s just a dream after all. You can’t die in a dream.

Libra Sep 23-Oct 22
There is no one smarter than you, is there, Libra? You are always the smartest person in the room. Or, at least, this is what other people think. And this is also secretly what you think. But be careful with this, because one day you will be talking about how you counted every grain of sand on the beach and know how many foam bubbles form on the crest of each wave that crashes to the shore and people will just walk away. Knowing everything can be lonely.

Scorpio Oct 23-Nov 21
The next time you see a cat on the street, we want you to follow it. We want you to let it take you to a new place that you’ve never been before, where you can start over, where you can feel lost, where you can feel clean. Maybe it will take you down to the water. Maybe it will take you back to your home, but to a room inside that you have never seen before, containing things you thought you’d lost. The cat will want to leave eventually. Let it. You are where you need to be.

Sagittarius Nov 22-Dec 21

Physicist Richard Feynman’s wife died of tuberculosis when she was just 25. Over a year later, Feynman wrote his wife one of the most beautiful love letters we’ve ever read. In it, he writes, “You only are left to me. You are real. My darling wife, I do adore you. I love my wife. My wife is dead.” We want you, Sagittarius, to think of the things you really ought to love. Not the things you think you should. Death cannot kill love, just like life cannot bring it into being. Love well.

Capricorn Dec 22-Jan 19
If you look into the deepest parts of the sea long enough, you start to see things emerge from its darkness. Ancient things. Cold things. You think they can’t be real, because they are just creations of your mind. If you stop thinking about them, they will cease to exist. This isn’t quite right. They will go on existing. You just won’t get to see them anymore. This can either be a sad or a happy thing. Choose your doom, Capricorn.