“I’m A Gay Man and Jesus Loves Me.”

02/19/2013 1:50 PM |


It’s a sort of sad truth that we are all so conditioned to ignoring the crazy people on the subway (lest they push us in front of an oncoming train or something) that we usually ignore them. I mean, once, I was on the 2 train and it was summer and hot and everything smelled like death and rats and shit and the world felt terrible but what made it even worse was that there was an awful woman on my car who was yelling at all the girls in their summer clothes as they got on the train. At first it was kind of funny because she was just yelling the word “boobs” really loudly and “boobs” is a very funny word. But then one young girl wearing a very pretty sundress was yelled at and she looked like she was going to cry and nobody said anything to the crazy woman because nobody wanted to get stabbed and have the last word they hear be “boobs.” So, it was basically an awful experience.

But! Not everything is that terrible. Not everyone is as cowardly as we all were on the 2 train that hot and sticky day. Because I just read about a true subway hero over on Daily Intel and it’s made me feel good about humanity again. Or at least, parts of it. Basically, a run-of-the-mill asshole homophobic subway preacher was doing his hate-spreading the other day on the train, saying such awesome things as “Michael Jackson died because he was gay.” But instead of being roundly ignored, one man stood up and shouted this homophobic asshole down. In the video below you’ll see him say, “I’m a man. And I’m a good man. And I’m a gay man and Jesus loves me. Jesus loves me!” And then the whole train starts applauding! And it’s awesome. And a reminder that it can pay off to address evil jerks. Because most people are not evil jerks. And will applaud you for being awesome.

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