Lena Dunham Didn’t Vote and This Is Definitely Something That Is All of Our Business

02/07/2013 12:45 PM |


So, BREAKING NEWS: It looks like Lena Dunham didn’t vote in the last election. And this is terrible and she is the worst because she made that PSA for Obama and she wanted us to vote but she herself didn’t vote. And because Lena Dunham is the most important person in Brooklyn, which means she is the most important person in THE WORLD, I thought you’d all really, really like to know that Lena Dunham didn’t vote. You do want to know this, right? You do care about this, right? I thought so.

How do I even know that Lena Dunham didn’t vote? Well, someplace called Room 8 decided to check with the New York City voting files and determined that the Brooklyn resident and registered voter Lena Dunham did not vote in the 2012 election. Fascinating, right? I mean, her vote could have changed the whole election! What if Obama had lost New York State by one vote! That is totally a thing that could have happened! Not, you know, in this universe, but in an alternate universe that surely exists somewhere!

I mean, how do you feel about this? Are your properly outraged? What about if I remind you again about her huge book deal? Or about the fact that she is dating a guy from fun.? Or about the fact that her parents are well-known artists and that she grew up in a privileged world that most of us have no access to? These are all totally valid reasons to hate someone who’s successful. And, yeah, she might work really, really hard and have achieved success on her own merits, but at what cost? Probably at the cost of you being successful or me being successful, right? Probably that’s the cost. Because if there’s one thing we all know for sure and should always be outraged about, it’s this: there is only enough room in this world for some people to achieve wealth and celebrity and critical acclaim. And as long as Lena Dunham has it, the more time she spends on top before we tear her down, the less likely we will be to achieve anything worthwhile. I am pretty sure that this is how fame and celebrity work. Please don’t correct me if I’m wrong. It’s so much easier to hate someone I don’t know then to actually, you know, go out and do something.

UPDATE: Lena Dunham took to twitter to assure people that she did vote, but at her old polling place via affidavit, which is totally valid and something a lot of people did. Also, we all have too muh time on our hands.

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  • This was a vicious and stupid article. This writer is a hater. Happy it turned out that Lena did vote. Jeez

  • No one cares if she voted or not. Who puts this much time and effort into writing something so long that is so stupid? Kristin Iversen I wish you weren’t so hot so I could tell you how ridiculous and dumb you are. My right testicle is telling me to be nice while the other is telling me to unload on you. So I’ll just meet them half way and call you a “DICK”!