Manhattan Gets Another Public Art Eyesore

02/26/2013 10:25 AM |

Park Avenue is about to receive the gift of eyesores. Spindly, shiny eyesores that reach 20 feet into the sky. Beginning today, Cuban artist Alexandre Arrechea will install mini-versions of New York landmarks including the Chrysler, Empire State, and Flatiron buildings along the six-lane roadway between 54th and 67th. They’re bound to be a distraction, so wayward drivers and pedestrians, you have been warned.

He calls this series No Limits, just like the powers of the imagination. Arrechea could’ve done a better job stretching those limits; there’s crazier things to dream about than the Empire State building. Many of these sculptures are whimsical—some of the buildings appear coiled like firehoses, and some look like spinning tops. The tops (Citigroup and MetLife buidings), are mounted to ball bearings, so anyone can spin them from their base. Woo hoo?


We’re fairly certain art does not need to pay more attention to Citigroup and other large corporations, but we’re sure some employee will find Arrechea’s sculptures charming. Lucky for him or her, Arrechea’s gallery has smaller versions of No Limits offered for sale.

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  • As I do agree about art not needing to pay attention to conglomerates, I must say that you completely overlooked the symbol of ouroboros in those images, which may, just maybe be a bit of an attempt at subtle criticism or something. Think about it. and snakes in general???? hmmmmmmm

  • Are you insane? These buildings by Arrechea are great! Are you so dogmatically and idealogically twisted that you can no longer appreciate fine scupture? Wake up!