Meet the Initial 2013 Northside DIY Film Competition Jury

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02/26/2013 10:00 AM |


Last week, we brought you your Northside Music and NExT updates, but today we’d like to interrupt your Tuesday internet procrastinating with some Northside Film (June 17-20) news. Specifically, a quick introduction to our 2013 Northside DIY Film Competition jury members thus far. And well, we say “introduction,” but we think some of these names might seem familiar.

This year’s illustrious jury chair will be Scott Macaulay, the editor-in-chief of Filmmaker Magazine. By his side will be Alex Karpovsky, the Brooklyn-based independent director, writer and, of course, star of HBO’s Girls. Rounding out the initial trio is Miriam Bale, a Brooklyn-based writer and the founder of the La Di Da Film Festival (and, ahem, former L Magazine contributor). We’ll be adding two more judges to the jury before the ground thaws, so follow @Northsidefest on Twitter for the latest Northside Film updates and announcements.

If you’re a filmmaker, there’s still time to get your film in front of our distinguished judges, but make those final edits ASAP! The deadline to enter the Northside DIY Film Competition is March 1. For more information on how to enter, click here. And if you’re interested in a Northside Film badge, take advantage of our low, low (low) Early Bird prices. From now until April 30, a Northside Film badge will only set you back a slim $25. That’s about the cost of two movies at your local megaplex, thank you very much. Click here to pick up one of your very own. See you in June!